Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wanna see my Mussel's?

Edited to add the winner!

My prayers were answered!! I asked for someone to send me something to review that I really, REALLY needed like FOOD, and the heavens opened and showered upon me great vats of delicious applesauce!!Well, not vats. That would be a bit much. But a BUNCH of applesauce. Like 6 packets of 4 individual servings! And Corinne and I have been having a blast trying them out. (It's pathetic, really, how much fun we have had eating applesauce. It may have something to do with our ongoing lack of a vehicle and method of escape from our home of family love...)

Musselman's new flavors and products of apple sauce arrived on my doorstep a week ago. Totally Fruit and Healthy Picks come in several flavors to keep the whole family satisfied. Strawberry, Raspberry Acai, Blueberry Pomegranate, Key Lime Cupuacu, (You don't even want to KNOW how badly I mangled that pronunciation...) Peach, and Traditional Apple. I have to say, my favorite is the Blueberry Pomegranate. DEEEE.LI.CIOUS. The Key Lime was very surprising. I tentatively placed a bite in my mouth (I mean, "Key Lime" and "Applesauce" just doesn't sound like it should go together, does it?) and found it to be a very mild applesauce with a slightly citrus tang. Quite tasty. The only flavor that didn't go over 100% for ME was the peach. For some reason the aroma just reminded me of baby food. I couldn't get past the olfactory memories to enjoy the taste, though Corinne still liked it.

And now, my friends, it thrills me to be able to offer this package of yummy goodness to one lucky reader! (Again, it REALLY thrills me. I honestly need to get out of this house!)

Way to Enter:

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~ Tell me your best memory involving applesauce. Keep it clean, folks. (But if you have a REALLY good one that actually ISN'T clean, can you email it to me?)

I'll pick the winner on Thursday, August 20!


  1. Well...I am lucky enough to have a Husband who actually likes to make applesauce. Yum for us...but he doesn't do it enough:( Maybe I'll win some here;)

  2. We love that applesauce in this house! Hooray for new yummy flavors!

    Memory - I don't know how to isolate one particular of these but... we have hard time keeping it in this house because my dear husband sees it as a beverage. How bizarre is that? He stands at the fridge - door open of course - and DRINKS the applesauce straight from the jar.

    Aye aye aye.

  3. We are big time applesauce fans around these parts. I enjoy making it myself, but it only happens about twice a year. The rest of the time it's the mini packs. I try to buy the "natural" ones but my preschooler has now sampled the cinnamon ones and there's no going back.

    I'm very intrigued by the Key Lime flavor.

  4. Hooray for flavored applesauce!!!

    My bestest "use" of applesauce is to hold it out like its a super special fantabulous treat. "Gee, I don't know, I think we should save it guys, if we eat it all today then it'll just be gone" Then after it sits there taunting for days and I finally just tastes that much better right?

    We're hard up for treats some days. LOL

  5. Isn't applesauce the best when it's really cold! Yum!!!! (We also use it to take that really yucky medicine!)

  6. Sounds delish....count us in!

  7. my 4 year old is re-visiting her love of individual packaged applesauce -- she eats at least 2 a day!!! :)

  8. Hmmm, I wonder if they could really turn me from Mott's?

    Worth a try if we win!

  9. I love apple sauce. I remember eating it as a kid. Yummy!

  10. My kiddos love applesauce! I usually buy Musselmans natural flavor and didn't realize they came out with some new flavors. Would love to win this flavor variety!

  11. the only 'memory' I can think of that involves applesauce is we used to eat it all the time with pork chops!