Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Simply Chickie review

Recently I was asked to review a children's t-shirt from Simply Chickie. I went to their site and picked out a very sweet design, which says "I am the Frosting."

Sweet, right?

The shirt design really is cute (as are all of the others) and the quality of the fabric is extremely soft and sturdy (And 100% organic cotton). It is marketed towards parents who are interested in "implementing an eco-friendly lifestyle." But I am not 100% sold on the shirt...

The picture on front is of the press-on sort which is fine for children's shirts. However, at $24 a shirt, I thought that the quality of the graphic would be higher. And once my mind started to go down THAT route, I couldn't figure out exactly what a $24 children's t-shirt should include. I know that I am extremely frugal when it comes to children's clothing, and that this shirt would definitely last a long time (probably longer than the graphic would) but I am not over-the-top in-love with the price for the product received. If it were half the price? Maybe. And I will admit that I am not one to spend extra money simply because it's organic. (I think it's better for the environment to buy used children's clothing, rather than purchase new which requires so much labor, shipping, etc.) But I look at a kid's t-shirt and see 1, MAYBE 2 seasons that they can wear it before it's too small or too stained. And if I'm investing $24 in an article of their clothing? It had better be really impressive!

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  1. I completly agree with you.

    Most of my kids' clothes are thrift store or yard sale bought.

    And I've got some very nice high quality brand name items, for $2 each or less, at those places.