Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Surf Sweets

In my recent quest to try and reduce the number of pesticides, corn syrup, chemicals and other non-food garbage from my family's diet, I have been being contacted by companies that offer healthier choices. One such company was Surf Sweets. Surf Sweets are treats for your family made withOUT corn syrup or artificial colors or flavors. They are also gluten-free, casein-free and "made in a facility free of the ten most common allergens." You can check their website for a location nearby you (Whole Foods, Lifetime Fitness, BuyBuy Baby, etc.) or you can contact their company at this link and request a free sample.
The samples we tried were the Gummy Worms, Jellybeans, Sourberry Bears and Gummy Bears. (We snuck them into the movie theater. Shhhh! Keep it to yourself...) The only candies we didn't love were the Sourberry Bears as their texture wasn't gummy so much as it was more grainy to our palates. Even still, all of the above candies had 60-100% of the daily Vitamin C requirements and were made with organic fruit juice and sweeteners. I actually didn't MIND giving my kids this candy, and will be looking for it in my local stores as a better choice for those days that our sweet tooth cravings get the better of us!

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