Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting in Shape...

Ugh. I am out of it. Shape, that is. I may be close to the same size I've always been, but the distribution and type of weight that I'm carrying is not. (i.e. I have a soft and squishy butt and belly...)

So when Lindsay Brin contacted me to review her set of exercise dvds for moms, I jumped on that email. (Well, I didn't jump, I kind of sleepily nodded...).

I just did day 1 of the Core Metabolic JumpStart with Corinne. It kicked my ass.
BUT. In a good way. Seriously, I know that if I can keep myself on task and keep alternating these videos, I will be in shape by BlogHer11 in August. I WILL. That is my goal and I am not going to let this opportunity pass me by.

You shouldn't, either! Lindsay has a discount code for anyone who wants to purchase her dvd set. You can receive 30% off of her 60 Day SlimDown System by using the code "60daydvd30".

You can also receive a FREE copy of her Stroller Pump Workout by liking her on Facebook!

She has dvds for any stage of your life, including pregnancy and post-natal. Plus, I found her personality to be friendly and encouraging without being annoying. (That's saying a lot. I am easily annoyed by athletic instructors...) Lindsay also has a personal blog where she's writing about baby #3 and moving and all the joys of motherhood. I always like supporting fellow bloggers. :)

Let me know if you're taking the plunge into getting fit! I could use all the camaraderie I can gather!


  1. Exercise?

    ::Backing out of the room quietly, margarita in hand.::

  2. ugh. Exercise. I reinstated my gym membership last week. Tomorrow I'm going for an hour. I do post about diet and how I use my modeling tools to lose weight. I post about mom stuff too.