Saturday, March 17, 2012

Magic Whiteboard Review

As a homeschooling family, we live within our school rooms. The kitchen is the main desk, the backyard's the playground and every wall in our home is where my kids display their school work. It can be a little overwhelming at times to not be able to "get away from school." I try to make sure the school books and supplies are stored in the office so that we can have parties and friends over without having SCHOOL shoved in our faces.

One product we recently reviewed which fits nicely into that plan is the Magic Whiteboard. It's not a traditional whiteboard, with a solid form that eats up precious space. The Magic Whiteboard is a roll of plastic sheets that uses static cling to temporarily adhere to any flat surface.My family has been loving the freedom that this allows!

I stuck a sheet to the family room wall and Corinne and Evan used their dry erase markers to create a birthday poster for Justin's party. When the party was over, they moved it to the hallway for random art creations. The next week, we took it down and brought it to our homeschool co-op where we stuck it to the wall during our 3-legged race so that Justin could create a bracket system to find the ultimate champions.

Versatile and durable? Yes. We've only used 2 of the 10 sheets in 1 month (and that was only because my dear husband didn't know it wasn't trash and threw one away!).

The best feature of the Magic Whiteboard is that it is SO small and lightweight. For presentations which you will need to write as you talk, it's perfect. I haven't had a situation where we needed a project written up in advance and then transported, but we did fold up our bracket sheet and bring it home and the drawing was still in great condition.

Check out their website to find more information on the Magic Whiteboard!

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