Friday, August 10, 2012

Vegan Indian Cooking - a review

Sometimes, I receive products to review that just don't motivate me. Either the item isn't my style or the product itself is just kind of... meh.

And sometimes I receive products that positively speak to me! Sometimes, they unexpectedly excite and inspire me!

The Vegan Indian Cooking book by Anupy Singla arrived at my house this morning. After cautiously opening the wrapping, my daughter and I just about drooled for 2 hours straight, plotting and planning the recipes we are going to test out.

Chickpea Poppers
I KNOW! Vegan? And Indian, to boot? Can I pull this off? Especially when many of the ingredients are, to be honest, foreign to my shopping list? Well, after watching a documentary on the amounts of meat that our bodies ingest in comparison to the amounts of meat that we actually require to be healthy individuals, I am committed to giving this "Less Meat is More" idea a proper amount of attention and dedication. And with our upcoming date night to Standard Market and Grill on Saturday night (yes, we're going to a "grocery store" for our date night. But you haven't seen a grocery store like THIS before. It is truly a unique experience!), I shall have ample opportunity to purchase ingredients for some of the easier recipes like the Chickpea Poppers, South Indian Stew and Lemon Brown Rice.

My only concern with this cookbook is that not all of the recipes have pictures to show me exactly what it is I'll be concocting. And when one is cooking a totally new recipe, it helps to know if the end product is supposed to be green and lumpy or brown and smooth... :)

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