Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Always October - A Fun Review

When my 10 year old son becomes engrossed in a book, ANY book, I take notice. I take notice and read alongside and encourage and silently clap my hands and do the happy dance when he isn’t paying attention.

Harper Collins Publishing sent me a pile of Halloween themed books for the kids to peruse and review. The first book that grabbed Evan’s attention was “Always October” by Bruce Coville. Evan became so entranced with this spooky pre-teen novel that we felt we absolutely MUST share it with you all!

Mom: So Evan, you kinda like Always October, eh?

Evan: Yes. KIND OF?!? (sarcasm)

Mom: You mean a lot?

Evan: Mm hmm.

Mom: Elaborate.

Evan: What does that mean?

Mom: "Elaborate" means to describe using more words.

Evan: Ohhhh. Ok. Best. Book. EVER.

Mom: So it’s the best book ever? Why?

Evan: I like the storyline. It’s really detailed. 

Mom: Gimme more.

Evan: These are not the kinds of questions I thought you’d ask. Ask me different questions.

Mom: Like what? What questions should I ask you?

Evan: Ask me what my favorite characters are.

Mom: Oookay. Who are your favorite characters?

Evan: Mrs. McSweeney! She has cool weapons. She has a glowing sewing needle that shoots beams of energy.

Mom: That is cool.

Evan: I know, RIGHT? Read me what you’ve written so far, Mama.

(I read it all)

Evan: Why did you write it like that? Let me see!! Heeeeyy!!

Mom: Get your hands off of my computer!!

(We calm down)

(He sighs….) I like all of the monsters because they’re cool. 

Mom: Ok. “cool.” Again. 

Evan: Mommy, these are not good questions.

Mom: Don’t touch my computer! Stop it!

Evan: No! Gaarrrrggghh!!!!

(a scuffle ensues)
Mom: Ok. Forget it. This interview is over.

Evan: No! Ask me different questions!

Mom: FINE. Ummmm….. Do you think other kids would like this book?

Evan: YES! It’s a REALLY good book! It’s exciting.

Mom: Do you wish there was another book in the series?


Mom: Should we send this interview to the publishers and hope they send your request to Mr. Coville?

Evan: YESSSSS!!!!

Mom: You only have a few chapters left. How do you think it will end?

Evan: I think a couple important characters will die but that they will get the baby back.

Mom: Ah! You’re giving away the story! Spoiler alert!

Evan: You asked me, Mama!!

Mom: Good point... All right. Interview’s over. I love you.

Evan: Love you too.

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