Monday, June 29, 2009

Funky Monkey giveaway!

The winner is... LuvnLife00! Congrats! I'll email you today!

I'm always looking for snacks for my kids. New things that they will actually EAT and that, hopefully, aren't completely filled with sugar or garbage. Also, to put it delicately, one of my children (who shall remain nameless but is old enough to be past this stage) is extremely, um, finicky.


So, for him to actually try this snack and even like it? Pretty darn cool.

Funky Monkey sent us 4 different types of freeze dried, organic fruit. No sugar, no extra stuff. Just FRUIT! My picky kids liked 3 out of those 4! Jive-a-Lime, Purple Funk, Bananamon and Carnaval Mix. (I have to agree with them. The Carnaval Mix was not so yummy... But I may have hoarded the second bag of Jive-a-Lime for myself, and eaten it after they were asleep... Shhh.)
Well, except for her. She likes everything. Such a joy to feed!
Holy cow! I actually like it!

The folks at Funky Monkey are hoping you'll like their healthy snacks, too. Enter your name below for a chance to sample their 4 different treats. (Of course, if you don't win, you can find Funky Monkey at several stores found across the U.S.)

Extra entries for:

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I'll draw the winner on Friday, July 10

Good luck!

*Disclaimer: Of COURSE I am writing this because the company gave me the products to review. But I will always post my own personal, honest opinion about everything I review. And, if they pay me moola in addition? I'll let ya know. Carry on...


  1. Again...Enter...Me.
    I like stuff!

  2. blogged about it.

  3. Im excited...I have reallyh picky ones too

  4. I followed you

  5. I would like to win these!! Thanks!!!

  6. Never heard of that snacks yet, I would like to enter this giveaways again.

  7. Ok, I'm following now. LOVE the name of these snacks.