Monday, May 10, 2010

Bucky Balls Giveaway!

Ok, the name is a bit, um, suggestive...

BUT. Bucky Balls ARE AWESOME. They're these little magnetic balls that you shape and twist together to make cool designs and basically drive yourself crazy with. My kids loved them...Justin is lining them up and then puts them into 2 rows to make them "zipper" up. It's really cool!

I would recommend not playing with them when your kids go to bed and you and your friend have had some wine, because, despite the bold warnings on the label,
You will be tempted to do this:
and this,Sporting the choker and ultimate nose ring...

Curse you, Bucky Balls and your ability to make 2 hours fly by!

My dear friends, if you would like to go nuts with these awesome little magnets, just enter your name below! Bucky Balls would like to send sets out to 3 different readers!! If you aren't lucky enough to be picked from the hat, you can still use this code to get 20% off at The code is "mommy".

To enter:

~ Comment. Piece of cake.

~ Follow me on Twitter.

~ Tweet about this giveaway and link back.

~ Subscribe to my blog.

~ Post about this giveaway on your blog and link back.

We'll pick the 3 winners on Monday, May 24.

FYI: Do NOT have these around little children! Magnets are EXTREMELY dangerous and can honestly kill babies and toddlers. Bucky Balls can gather together and form blocks in intestines and other organs. Children must be monitored the entire time! Purchase with careful thought for the home that you are bringing them into. Mine are in my china cabinet, JUST in case...


  1. I'd follow you anywhere. ;) Love your blogs!!!

  2. Is it a separate comment for each entry?

  3. JC, Keep on commenting for each thing you do. It makes it easier for me when I do my old-fashioned, hand-written drawing that my kids love doing!

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  5. These look awesome.
    Hannah C
    psychopathicpixie @ yahoo

  6. I subscribe
    Hannah C
    psychopathicpixie @ yahoo