Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day is in 1 week!!

Did you forget? You DID?!? Dude. You better step up. Don't forget all of those times Mom lovingly sprayed mind-numbingly painful Bactine on your scraped knees but followed up by softly blowing on your owie. Somehow, that always made it feel better... At least, until she stopped blowing and the Bactine began its process of burning with all of the firey flames of hell on your 8 year old knees again...

On second thought, maybe she doesn't deserve a present after all!

Seriously, though (before my mom reads this and sends me an email full of angry slashes and threats to not watch my kids on Saturday) she probably did some stuff that wasn't pure torture that you appreciate, right? Right. And she probably has tons of kitschy doodads cluttering up her living space, right? Absolutely. My recommendation this Mother's Day? Instead of gifting another dust-collector, give Mom the 4 pack from Mrs. Prindable's Apples .

I was delighted to take a tour of their facility and was then rewarded with a DELICIOUS and enormous Triple Chocolate Jumbo Caramel Apple. Holy, holy, holy... $22.95 for one apple may sound like a lot (and it did to me, too. I'm pretty dang tight with my cash!) but that apple fed me, my 3 kids, my pregnant* sister and 1 of her 2 kids. It then had ample leftover slices for my husband at home and a second helping for me when the kids were in bed that night! I'm telling you, the big apples are a dessert for a PARTY. This isn't your ordinary apple on a stick treat. The Jumbo's are ENORMOUS.(Almost as big as Corinne's head!)

That's why I recommend the 4 pack for your mom. She won't have to share her treat (unless you give her your best puppy-dog eyes) and they will last longer than one of the Jumbo's would after cutting it open. Plus, you can pick different varieties for her to choose!

*And we all know how much those pregnant sisters eat! ;)**

** Ok, ok. Before SHE sends me an angry email full of hormonal threats to never watch my kids again, I will say that she didn't eat any more than her share.***

*** Especially since I was so swift to stab her hand with my fork. Gotta be quick around those preggos... ;)

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