Sunday, April 25, 2010

Galena Cellars

You may remember that little post I wrote a while ago, regarding the incredibly exciting opportunity that the CVB of Galena invited 8 Mommy bloggers to attend? Well, my heart was happy in Galena. I met 7 women and 2 men (the guides! Swear to God.) that I now consider good friends. We had a blast! And, for me, one of the highlights of the weekend was a trip to the Galena Cellars for a VIP wine tasting. You all know my love of wine...

I had never been to an actual tasting before! To have the different types laid out before me was something I plan on repeating several times in the near future. I arrived, armed with a notepad and pen. Quite honestly, all of the wines received no lower than a half-way smile* (Even the reds!) but my favorite was very evident...
Oktoberfest is a white wine that just feels good in my mouth. Not too dry or sharp tasting and it left me wanting more (which was unfortunate as it was wine #4 or #5 and I was starting to get a bit loopy at that point. Note to self: Just because the generous server fills your glass halfway full of wine, 6 times in a row, does NOT mean you need to finish each glass!). Without even knowing the price, I asked to purchase a bottle.** You have absolutely NO IDEA how thrilled I was when I learned that this wine's price was $10.50!! A wine I can afford!! And it's GOOD, too!!

Needless to say, the Galena Cellars' wines have my stamp of approval. I HIGHLY recommend that you check them out!

Other wines I enjoyed:

Sangria - Fruity and yummy!

Cracklin' Apple - I ALMOST purchased this one until I tasted the Oktoberfest. It almost tasted like a white wine spritzer with an apple flavor... Kind of like a bubbly champagney-applish goodness. It was a really unique and happy wine. ("Happy wine"... Swear to God. That's how I remember it!)

* Yes. I used the highly complex and sophisticated evaluation technique called "Smiley Faces." Feel free to adapt this technique to suit your own needs...

** Anyone who knows me knows how tight I must be with money. This type of impulse purchase is NOT the norm for me!


  1. That's so great and sounds like a really fun time!

  2. Yummmmmm. That apple one sounds tasty!

  3. Because I was sitting next to you, I feel compelled to let your readers know that not only does your smiley face system work, but the more wine you tasted, the more smiley faces I saw on your sheet. It was a great time! I'm glad you got a bring a little Galena home to enjoy. :-)

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