Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not too shabby! ~ Shabby Apple Review!

Squeeeee!!! I love my new dress!!
Isn't it purty? Don't you love how it moves? I adore how it somehow makes my waist thinner and boobs bigger! It's a MAGIC DRESS. MAGIC, I tell you!!

Want to own your own magic dress? Check out Shabby Apple. They have TONS of beautiful clothing for women and girls, including the above dress modeled on yours truly. (I'm wearing The Circo, if you would like one for yourself. It also comes in navy stripe and is called The Baja).

If you find a pretty something for you or someone you love, you can use this code at Shabby Apple to receive 15% off of your order. The code to be used at checkout is: SAmommyblog5off. It's valid until 5/15/10 so take your time to look around, but get shopping soon to take advantage of this deal.

I am off to figure out where I can wear my new frock*.

*Love that word. And it actually APPLIES in this situation!


  1. You look absolutely lovely in that dress...and it's so darn cute!

  2. And I just went and looked at all their lovely clothes. I want everything! *sigh* I could look at their clothes for days!

  3. Hi Tracey

    Connie from Chevy here - I thought this dress looked great, especially when you were posing with the yellow Camaro on Sunday! :-)
    And, yes - I love the word "frock" and use it often. Usually with the word "party" in front of it.
    Good to connect with you at SVMoms last weekend!

  4. Thanks ladies! Everyone on Sunday had lots of compliments for this dress. I even did the twirl a few times...