Monday, April 5, 2010

SunSkinz review and discount code

You look at this picture and think "Hmm. Cute kid. Blue shirt. What's the big deal?" The big deal is that Evan is wearing a SunSkinz swim shirt which protects against UV rays while he swims. The big deal is that this shirt provides 100SPF/UVF 50 + UV Protection, which basically means that anywhere the shirt covers is skin that is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Seeing as how my kids are in the pool EVERY day and that reapplying sunscreen is more of an art at our home instead of the science that it should be, this shirt makes me breathe a little easier this summer. Also, knowing the history of skin cancer in Patrick's family, my children need to be in the habit of being as aware of their skin's exposure as possible.

One small issue I have with this shirt though is that the size you see on Evan reads as a size Boys 12. Evan normally wears an 8 (and barely, at that). When we picked this shirt to review, my intentions were to have Justin use it as he is my fairest skinned child and the one who burns the easiest. Justin wears a 12 - 12/14 right now and I was worried that it might be a TAD small, but it was, quite easily, WAY too small. So, if you do order through The Sun Protection Zone, keep that in mind and order large!

If you are interested in the many products that Sun Protection Zone has available for boys, girls and adults, please head on over and use the code mommyblog for 10% off of anything featured on the website! This code is valid until April 15, so start your shopping now!

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