Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kranich's Jewelers

When Patrick and I got married, I knew exactly what I wanted on my hand. Something simple and easy to wear with an evening gown AND a pair of dirty jeans. I got exactly what I wanted and couldn't be happier with our choice. Still, there are days when I see lovely rings that take my breath away that I wonder if maybe, just maybe, I might have been ok with a fancy schmancy ring....

Kranich's Jewelers has been in business sine 1903 in Pennsylvania has some truly unique pieces. Some of my favorites are within their Verragio Engagement ring collection...

Yeah. I think I could have managed having that on my hand... ;)

Some of their more whimsical jewelry would be their Hershey's Kisses collection. I know Hershey's is pretty big in PA, but this diamond studded necklace astounds me! You chocolate fans are SERIOUS about this stuff!

Disclaimer: I was sent a lovely piece of jewelry to review in return for linking to their site. However, if the jewelry hadn't been so lovely, I would have sent it back and not given a good review. Also, I'd love to show you what I chose but it's a surprise for a certain someone and I can't spoil it! These opinions are MINE and mine alone.

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