Monday, August 2, 2010


Oh my God. Have you tried these? Have you heard about them?
Popchips are a new way of looking at potatoes. Never fried, never baked, they are cooked with heat and pressure until the potato slice, well, pops! It's a bit like the love child of a potato chip and a rice cake but without the dry and pasty aftertaste. In one bag there are only 3g of fat and NO trans fat. Also, every single ingredient on the packaging is something I can pronounce and picture in my head. That's not something you can say about most potato chips!

For those with children on gluten-free diets, this could be a good choice for their lunches as Popchips are Gluten Free!*

In the huge box that my family received just days ago, only one lonely bag remains. It is hidden in a location that cannot be divulged because 2/3 of my children can read my blog and that bag? That bag is MINE.

*All the dietary and allergen information is from the packaging. Be sure to confirm before serving to your family.


  1. We've had these before, and they are delicious! I agree! Enjoy that last bag. ;)

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