Thursday, February 3, 2011

Healthy Options of Days Gone By i.e. My Favorite Bath Products in the ENTIRE World.

My NEW Favorite thing. Seriously, if I were Oprah, you'd be receiving a whole set of these bath products.

And so would you.

And you.


Bath scrubs and moisturizers for EEeeeeVVVVeerrryyyyOOOooonnneee!!!

Alas, my parents knew how to spell my name which is "Tracey" and not "Oprah" and so I cannot offer unlimited bath products to you all. (You can blame my parents for this obvious injustice to your skin.) I CAN offer a discount which is practically like a freebie because the prices at Healthy Options of Days Gone By are already really low!

Good Lord. I'm halfway down the page and you don't even know the object of my affection!!Aren't they lovely?? The jars, not the wine which I was drinking while bathing with their scrubs and soaps... ahhh....

Well, trust me. Though small jars of seemingly random oils and minerals, they are ACTUALLY little tubs of MAGIC!!
See? I am GLOWING!

(Ok, truth be told: That is actually a picture of me after shoveling in the midst of Tuesday's blizzard when I thought my husband would be able to make it home that night - he didn't - and I was panting and out of breath.)THIS is me after a bath, all rosy faced and shiny. No make up! Long and crazy hair, getting ready to be cut for Locks of Love and a random towel in the background for that special "lived in" effect.

It's true. I slap some citrus sugar scrub on my face, neck and shoulders and I am magically glowing. I then rub the Tiny Hiney on my arms and legs and, um, HINEY, and I am moisturized without being oily for 12 HOURS!! (Yes. I timed it.) Also, I accidentally got a bit of Sugar Scrub on my lip and it went into my mouth and I didn't DIE! Their products are all natural and made up of ingredients that I can pronounce and even UNDERSTAND! (It actually tasted kind of good. So keep this away from any little ones who like sweets or else you'll be cleaning up some interesting diapers the next day.)

I live in Illinois. It is FEBRUARY.



IL + Feb + Sugar Scrub and Tiny Hiney = LUSTROUS SKIN equal to that of a 20 year old!!*

I have only one gripe with their products: They're too small! How long will this tub of Tiny Hiney last? Yes, a tiny bit goes a realllllly long way, but it's barely halfway through the winter! I'll let you know when I run out.

Or, you can find out yourself! Healthy Options of Days Gone By has offered a discount of 15% off any purchase when you use the code"PRREVIEW15" at checkout.

Happy browsing and shopping!

* Claims may be slightly embellished. But I swear that I feel great and hydrated without being oily. It's like pouring humidity back into my epidermis. I also swear that all I got from this review was the chance to fall in love with their products.i.e. I wasn't paid, yo.

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