Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Musselman Makes me Happy...

Aaaahhh... Musselman Applesauce. One of my favorite brands to promote! They've always provided delicious and nutritious products with good morals to boot.

Their latest venture includes supporting breast cancer awareness and prevention by promoting a healthy-lifestyle cook book, "Substitute yourself Skinny." Most of us already know the obvious tricks of substituting low-fat ingredients or using applesauce instead of cooking oil (my fave for muffins and pancakes!) to cut fat and calories of our recipes. But how much are you saving, really? Do you know the breakdown of each substitution?By cutting calories and fat, we reduce our risk of health complications which aid disease and obesity. When our bodies are stronger and healthier, we are in a better position to discourage disease to take hold. If our health should become compromised, a healthy diet and lifestyle enables our body to better fight off said sickness.

This book breaks down the recipes, piece by piece. You KNOW how many calories and fat you are saving by using the substitutions. Just look at the comparison box for the "Not So Fat Tuesday Gumbo":
That's a gumbo that I am happy to feed to my family and myself!

Check out Substitute Yourself Skinny!

Though I was given the applesauce and book, I fully admit that these opinions are my OWN!

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