Monday, January 16, 2012

Between Interruptions

As I read Between Interruptions, a collection of articles edited by Cori Howard, I often found myself nodding in agreement at the frustration women can feel throughout the course of Motherhood. That's not to say that I always agreed with the sentiments behind the words. In fact, many of the stories were written by professional, full-time working mothers, which is a path I have never experienced. Though I did shift from a full-time job to a 4 day work week when my eldest child was born, I never had a "career". And as I found myself having to find a THIRD daycare provider for my son within 15 months of his life, my husband and I decided that we could make the one-paycheck for our family work instead of subjecting him to continually being uprooted. So some of the references were a bit out of my range of understanding, but I was definitely able to empathize with the conflict that a mother would feel when she is torn in so many opposite directions.

Some of the pieces were absolutely heart-wrenching. The agony of a mother who feels so removed from her life and is drowning in PPD just broke my heart. Listening to the detachment she felt for other women who are enveloped in their children simply made me want to reach through the pages and hug her.

Overall, the collection was well-done. I honestly sat down and read the entire book in two sittings. I was that interested.

If you're looking for honest opinions of motherhood, I highly recommend this book. This is no glossed-over, Pollyanna-version of mommies in pearls and lipstick. Between Interruptions is a book that intrigues and inspires and I am very happy to have read it.

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