Friday, November 13, 2009

Death defying performers and THEY preferred the prancing puppies...

We went to the circus! Ringling Brothers and B&B Circus is in Chicago with a "Magical" theme this year. Let me tell you, MY favorite part was the flaming sticks of death that (magically) didn't disembowel the clown that was forced into the tiny box. (Poor clowns! Why does everyone pick on them? A clown's a person, too, you know!)

The dancing dogs were my kids' favorite part. They were literally squealing with delight. SQUEALING.
Why, yes! That IS a pixie stick she is pouring into her mouth and all over her dress...
They were rocking out so hard to the music that most of the pictures show Justin behind an arm or a head. But this picture proves that he WAS there and he was laughing and smiling the entire time. DESPITE the "dreaded bar" that we had to sit behind... ;) It was soon forgotten when he realized that there wasn't anyone in front of him!

I've always loved the circus. And YES, I have investigated the animal mistreatment rumors revolving around circus performing animals. I am not convinced that the treatment of the circus animals is any less than that of those we eat or make into clothing products. So, please? Don't send me the links. I've watched them. I was not appalled (though I wish people as a society showed more respect to all creatures). I still eat chickens, eggs, and beef; I think I can handle watching elephants perform.

Whew! Off of my high horse, now!

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  1. sounds like fun! I want to see me some performing dogs! :) Great review!