Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Win a JumpStart game for the Wii!

I recently received a copy of JumpStart's new Wii game, Escape from Adventure Island. Loyal readers will know how much Corinne and I enjoy the online JumpStart games and their first Wii game, Pet Rescue, as well. This second game continues my satisfaction with JumpStart and their products. Designed for ages 5-9 and revolving around familiar characters, the new game encourages all of the math, reading and "critical thinking skills" that JumpStart believes so strongly in. Though some of the levels are still a bit difficult for Corinne, (she only just turned 4, after all!) I know that Evan (age 7) would enjoy it (if only he'd unplug from his Nintendo DS for a bit!!). We'll be leaving the game for my almost 5 year old niece to enjoy though, as they are the ones with the working Wii right now!

JumpStart has made it possible for many of you to win a copy of this new Wii game, too! Go to their site, www.JumpStart.com and enter to win any of the following:

  • 1 copy of JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island (rated E by the ESRB)
  • 1 Nintendo Wii console – to escape boredom
  • $250 in SpaFinder® gift certificates – to escape stress
  • 1 Flip™ Mino HD video camera – to record your adventures
  • 3 lifetime JumpStart memberships – 1 for you, 2 to share with friends
  • 500 JumpStart.com virtual coins – to keep your kids’ online adventure exciting
  • JumpStart gear – to dress for adventure
Check out their rules and regulations and enter today! The contest ends November 16 and you can bet that I'll be entering, too! If I win another copy of this game, I'll simply pass it along to one of you!! (But I'm secretly hoping for a new console or gift certificate... )

Good luck and enjoy!

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