Thursday, November 5, 2009

LifePics Review

Some of you might remember my whole escapades with making a personalized calendar 2 years ago... Oy. I swore I would never venture down that road again! So when I was contacted by LifePics to try out their photo site, I was a little leery. But hey, it was a free trial, and I don't have a calendar for 2010 yet, so I figured it couldn't hurt to try!

I am so glad I did! Either LifePics is really easy or the photo sites have all greatly improved since my last attempt at making a sweet family photo calendar, because it was a snap! The choices were ENDLESS (which did make it a bit harder for me to decide, since I like to explore every single option) and the applications were extremely simple to figure out. I loved that the layouts were up to ME. I can't stand it when the sites tell you where you can put your pics and how many, etc. I could have put 20 on one page, if the mood had struck to do so.

Here's a couple of my pages (excuse the photo quality on my end. The calendar itself is very clear and is a great quality of paper).
As with most sites, LifePics does way more than calendars. You can do all of your photo developing, including holiday cards, photo books and more, all from the same account. LifePics has generously offered a discounted rate for their products for any reader to use until December 31, 2009! If you enter the code LifePics05 for your promo code at your checkout, you will receive $5 off of any order over $15. Seeing as how the calendar is normally $20, you can get a calendar for 2010 for only $15! (See how good I am at math? Can you tell I homeschool?) (Each customer may use the code one time only!)

They also offer the options of either picking up your products at a nearby grocery/superstore (ours was at Jewel) or having it delivered straight to your home.

Be sure to keep them in mind for your next photo need!

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