Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Excited for Disney on Ice! UPDATED!!

My kids and I are heading out to see Woody and the Gang on Toy Story 3 on Ice at the Allstate Arena!! One of my all-time favorite animated series, Toy Story 3 on Ice is highly anticipated in my household. I can't wait to see how they do Ham on skates. Heh...

Updated on the 26th to say....

We loved it! Disney did a really great job incorporating all of our favorite characters into this ice show. And watching a gigantic pig skate was an experience everyone should witness. Truly.

The absolute BEST characters, though had to be...

Barbie and Ken.

Holy Lord, I still get the giggles when I remember Ken's ice walk. If you've seen the movie, Toy Story 3, you know how he does a slightly jerky, bent-arm and knee walk. Ken on Ice PERFECTED that! It was the little details like those that made me really enjoy this show.

There are still plenty of tickets available! You can use the code MOM* for a discount (see here) at either the Allstate Arena or United Center. Let me know how much you loved it!!

FYI: I still have tickets for the Monster Jam in Feb and MacBeth (several dates to choose from). There are NO ENTRIES for MacBeth and only 6 for Monster Jam!! They end soon, so enter Today! And don't forget my Top Trumps Card game! As of now, there are 2 entries for FIVE PACKETS!

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  1. Really? We're still not talking? I sent some traffic your way for the MacBeth tickets. a reader that was really interested, but sadly didn't win.