Monday, January 17, 2011

Winner Redraw of Disney on Ice!

Due to a misunderstanding, Julie (who lives in Texas!) cannot attend the Disney on Ice in Chicago next week. :) She was so sweet, too!

Since my kids are still asleep and I wanted to get the info out ASAP so that I can send the winner information on time, I drew the number myself. Sadly, this means no adorable assistants are on video. It also means that I did a PICTURE drawing instead of video because this is what I look like right now:Yeah. You are NOT getting me on video this morning. The coffee pot took a break and I had to do some high-tech finagling to make it brew my life-giving liquid again (i.e. push that little red button in between the outlets on the wall) so I am not at my best. Also, the irony that I chose THAT particular random piece of paper from the "Eat Pray Love" dvd case has not escaped me.

Hence, the drawing goes as follows....

Drum roll:

DRUM ROLL, dangit!

Congratulations to #5 - Vicky! You have until 9 am Tuesday morning to contact me or else I'm just going to tape the tickets to my forehead for the first person to grab.

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