Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Top Trump Giveaway #2

Top Trumps is an easy to learn and fun to play card game that my kids now bring with us, just about everywhere we go! Similar to the traditional game of "War", each player has to "trump" his opponents' stats with the stats on his own card. The difference between War and Top Trumps is that you, as the player, get to choose which stat is the best to battle with. If you happen to have cards on educational topics (there are tons of animal stat cards to choose from), they're learning without effort!Fabulous.

I am happy to announce that I have 5 more sets of cards (either the Horses and Ponies or the Dogs set) to giveaway! Enter below and good luck to everyone! If you don't win this time, come back next month for ANOTHER Top Trumps giveaway!

~ First comment is for free!

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~ Visit the Top Trumps site and let me know what other topics sound the most interesting to you.

We'll pick the FIVE winners on Monday, January 31. (one pack per person) Good luck to you all!!


  1. Aha.... This looks nice.. may be in year or so, my daughter will be able to play with it!

  2. Dogs or horses, perfect. Sign me up please.

  3. Oh, we would like this around here. Always up for a new card game.

  4. Game closed, btw. No more entries cuz I can tell you are all dying to enter... :) More games next month!