Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2 New Xbox 360 controllers by Power A

Like most families with school-aged children, we have a video game system. A couple of systems, actually. Our favorite and most used is the Xbox 360. Why is it the favorite? I don't know for sure. The games are the best? The graphics? The set up of the system? All of the above, and more, actually.

One thing that SUCKED about our Xbox was the expensive wireless remote controls we owned. My children loved them, that's for sure. And so did my husband. After all, they could bounce around the room without worries about cords. Of course, that also led to the frustrated cries of "Where is the remote control?!?" and "Do we have any more rechargeable batteries with juice left?!? I'm in the middle of a game and my batteries died!!!" Oh, the agony. Especially for ME, because they always managed to steal MY rechargeable batteries that I keep juiced up for my camera! Needless to say, my camera was often lacking enough energy to actually TAKE the pictures I wanted to take.

Much swearing occurred.

Remote controls were routinely taken away as punishment for Mom's inability to capture the candles being blown out or the first bike being ridden.

That is alllll over, my friends. I was recently sent 2 remote controls by PowerA for our Xbox 360 to review. They have tons of fabulous features, but for me, the best one is that we are CORDED AGAIN. No batteries have been needed and no remotes have been lost.

I imagine this is what Nirvana would be like. Except I would be alone and there wouldn't be any children or video games. Hmmm...

These are PERFECT for Christmas.
The first is the Air Flo Controller for the Xbox 360 which has a built-in 2-speed cooling fan. Yep. You heard me right. It has AIR CONDITIONING FOR YOUR HANDS. No sweaty controllers!! (I think that this feature needs to be installed on exercise equipment at all fitness centers!) It also sports a softer grip and ergonomics but really, for my middle child and husband (who like this new one the best), it's all about the cool hands. It retails for about $39.99.
The second is the Mini Pro EX Controller. It's less expensive at $29.99 and features a smaller, tighter design. It's great for smaller hands (like my 6 year old daughter's) and is just a slightly different shape than the traditional controllers we owned (making this one my 12 year old's favorite controller). Also? It GLOWS if you turn on a special button. A glowing remote = Awesome for the under 18 crowd.


  1. The dieing of batteries in between the games always occur with me and i also search the better way to sort out this problem, and now here found your post... its really awesome feeling just by imagine that my games are no more going to be interrupted...
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