Monday, December 13, 2010

Costume Review

Isn't she sweet?!? Shhh. I think I tell her that too much, sometimes.

Corinne is modeling the Heavenly Angel costume from Costume Express that we received last week. I really WAS surprised at the quality of the costume since it retails at $32.99. It is pretty well-made with comfortable material and tight stitching. The wings, dress, belt and halo are all included and absolutely thrilled my daughter.

This is her rendition of "angelic". I think we landed a little closer to "Home Alone" than "Silent Night" but I after 10 pictures that are EXACTLY like this one, she was done with the photo shoot...

Costume Express is having a 25% off sale from now until December 20 if you want to buy any last minute presents or get something cool for a pageant (they have EVERY Christmas costume you can imagine. I was pushing for the boys to get a Buddy the Elf outfit, but I received only dirty looks from them...). So check them out! I am hoping that this costume still fits by Halloween of next year! It'd be nice to have a costume that actually REFLECTS light for once...

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