Friday, December 17, 2010

Hawk Eye Review and Contest Announcement

I have such a COOL contest to announce!

Want to win $2000 in prizes and a ride in a helicopter?!? Go to the Hawk Eye: Capture Your World Video Contest and upload a video for your chance to win!

My family was given a whole slew of products from Air Hogs to test out and my husband and I have been flying them incognito at night to get the hang of it before Christmas morning. I figured that I would be horrible at it as I am ALWAYS horrible at the flying video games, but I actually kind of figured out how to make the helicopters go up and down without smashing them into anything (now I just need to go side to side. Oy vey...) Patrick, naturally, is a pro at it and recommends them for everyone. He has more patience than I do and can't wait to start video taping with the Air Hog's Hawk Eye, the first indoor helicopter to fly and take videos or photographs at the same time. Pretty cool, eh?

One main feature of the Hawk Eye, the new video-taking helicopter that retails at about $60 (look for great deals online!) that appeals to ME is the docking system that charges the battery while downloading the video. With 3 kids (and a husband) who will all be making movies, I foresee a lot of charging in my future...

To enter the Hawk Eye Capture Your World Contest, either

a) submit a 2 minute max video from your Hawk Eye or

b) if you don’t have a hawk Eye, submit a 2 min max video that imitates the video from a Hawk Eye (they show you how to do this on the contest site)

NO voices/talking (but instrumental music is allowed)and NO showing faces or likeness (to comply with online privacy laws for children)

** Grand prize: a trip for 2 in their very own private helicopter, an awesome flip video camcorder and tons of Air Hogs swag

** Plus runner up prizes worth over $2,000!

If you want to get involved in the contest, visit the Hawk Eye site today for their complete list of rules and recommendations. Enter by Jan 2, 2011 (11:59:59 PST) to be available for your chance to win!

** I am not running this contest and cannot help you enter. I was given a selection of Air Hog product in exchange for posting about their contest. All opinions are my own.

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