Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pup Light

My dad's cell phone showed up on my caller id the other night. That's a pretty rare occurrence, so I frantically snatched up my phone to see what was the matter.

"Hey Trace!"

"Um, Hi, Dad. What's up? Is something wrong?!?"

crackle crackle wind in my ear

"I'm just walking Zoe (dog) and it's so bright out here."

Blink. Blink.

wind in my ear


"Yep. It's really easy to see. Even on this totally dark pathway. No problems seeing at ALL!"




Expectant pause from him.

Confused pause from me.

More wind in my ear.

And then, suddenly, clarity strikes as I realize what the hell he's alluding to:

"OH! Are you using the Pup Light?!?"

"Yep. No problem seeing! Though it's a bit bouncy because she keeps walking..."

Chuckling, I smile.

"So, Dad. Are you giving the Pup Light a good review? Positive feedback with a recommendation that the manufacturers figure out how to have the light be motion controlled?"

"Yep. Sure do. It's really easy to see out here on this dark pathway at NIGHT."

"Thanks, Dad. Have a good walk. Good night!"

"Night, Tata!"*

I was given a Pup Light to review. I don't have a dog, (much to the sorrow of my children) so my parents stepped up and tried this out. For about $19.95, I'd say it's a pretty cool idea for any pet owner or Christmas present for someone who doesn't want to walk in the dark. ;) Check them out!

*Yes. My nickname is synonymous with a crude slang for breasts. This is what happens when your baby sister is cute and can't say 'Tracey' though how she came up with "TaTa" from those consonants is beyond me...

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