Wednesday, October 28, 2009

$500 BeiBambini Baby clothes Giveaway!!

Contest is closed! See winners above!

I have been so excited about this giveaway! My fingers have been twitching as I worked out the details with my contact and it's finally done!

BeiBambini is an online retailer for children's clothing by Jeanine Johnsen. Simply adorable and very traditional while still being trendy, their baby clothes make me tilt my head and do that little "Ooh!" sigh that any woman who adores babies would recognize.

So, when I found out that I could offer 2 readers the chance to win a collection from last year's line, each worth $500? I almost considered getting knocked up, just so that I could keep one for myself!


Since that is NOT happening, they're available for you all!

BeiBambini has also generously offered a coupon code for everyone, winner of the giveaway or not, to use on their current lines. Just enter: bbVIP30 for 30% off of your ENTIRE order which includes their cruise wear which is ALREADY 50% off! We're talking some serious savings, making this designer clothing suddenly more affordable for everyone. But the coupon ends November 14th, so get over to their site NOW and get your orders placed!

Here's a sneak peek of the boy and girl collections for the spring/summer. Everything is sized 6-12 months, so keep in mind any baby boys or girls you know of that will work for those sizes!

Some sweet stuff for the boys...

And for the girls...

Eeeeee! Those really make my uterus ache...


Ok folks. The details on how to enter.

You HAVE to do #1 before you can do anything else!

1. Check out their site at and tell me what other articles make you oooh and aaaah. Trust me, it's a snap. Everything is adorable!

2. Subscribe to my blog!

3. Extra comment just cuz I love you all! (but you have to do #1 first)

4. Tweet this giveaway! (include the link!)

5. Blog this giveaway! (include the link!)


I will make 2 drawings and I can't put your name in if I don't know to put you in the boy or girl pile. Don't forget! I don't want to miss anyone just because you didn't put "girl" or "boy" in your comment!!

We'll pick the winners on Friday, Nov 6! Good luck to everyone!! (But U.S. Residents only! Sorry again, Canadian friends!!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bonefish Grill Giveaway

Who likes fish?

(Raises hand.) I am so excited to offer a $25 gift certificate to Bonefish Grill to one lucky reader!

Bonefish Grill has a menu that has me itching to get out and eat some seafood! Check and see if there is one near you and come back for a chance to win your own gift certificate...
They also do some outreach videos, documenting other small town restaurants, healthy eating, etc. Check out this one...

Ways to win:

~ Comment!

~ Subscribe to my feed

~ Tweet or post on your own blog and let me know.

Good luck to everyone (but US residents only. Sorry my friendly Canadian pals!). The winner will be drawn on Friday, Nov 6.

Simply Chickie review

Recently I was asked to review a children's t-shirt from Simply Chickie. I went to their site and picked out a very sweet design, which says "I am the Frosting."

Sweet, right?

The shirt design really is cute (as are all of the others) and the quality of the fabric is extremely soft and sturdy (And 100% organic cotton). It is marketed towards parents who are interested in "implementing an eco-friendly lifestyle." But I am not 100% sold on the shirt...

The picture on front is of the press-on sort which is fine for children's shirts. However, at $24 a shirt, I thought that the quality of the graphic would be higher. And once my mind started to go down THAT route, I couldn't figure out exactly what a $24 children's t-shirt should include. I know that I am extremely frugal when it comes to children's clothing, and that this shirt would definitely last a long time (probably longer than the graphic would) but I am not over-the-top in-love with the price for the product received. If it were half the price? Maybe. And I will admit that I am not one to spend extra money simply because it's organic. (I think it's better for the environment to buy used children's clothing, rather than purchase new which requires so much labor, shipping, etc.) But I look at a kid's t-shirt and see 1, MAYBE 2 seasons that they can wear it before it's too small or too stained. And if I'm investing $24 in an article of their clothing? It had better be really impressive!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Winner of DT giveaway!

The winner of the Discovery Toys giveaway is....

(Please excuse my broken out face and crazy hair. We're homeschoolers, you know...)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Discovery Toys Review and GIVEAWAY!

CLOSED: Winner is... Mom 2 4! Congrats and I'll be sending you an email for your address!!

Back in the day when Justin was a wee one, I tried my hand at selling Discovery Toys. It didn't take me long to figure out that I had neither the drive to sell or the mindset to keep good track of income vs. expenses. I lasted a mere 18 months at it, but the main reason I had started selling was already paid for in the discounts I got on numerous, fabulous toys.

I still use many of them for schooling Corinne (shape sorting, counting games, an old cassette that had lots of songs for every teachable aspect you can imagine!) and they have all proven to be high quality toys. So, when I was contacted by Discovery Toys to review a toy for Corinne, I said "ABSOLUTELY. Just make sure it's a new toy, because I have all of the older and classic ones!"

We received THREE new toys! SCORE!

Jam Session, Flip Flop Faces, and Friendship Island arrived on our doorstep a few weeks ago and we have been having a great time trying them out.
Well, I already HAVE Flip Flop Faces as it is an older toy, but there is a reason it's been around for so long. It's a GREAT activity for a wide range of ages. With several different ways to play this game, it teaches everything from hand-eye coordination and color recognition to reading and math. It's a perfect game for parties, trust me! I do believe I know a certain little kid who will be getting this for Christmas, thanks to this review!

Friendship Island was a new game for our family. We have tons of board games. TONS. But with homeschooling, any new way to encourage Evan to read, Corinne to follow directions and Justin to be a helpful big brother is a new way to LEARN. It truly discusses the ways to resolve problems without allowing our emotions to carry us away. I am really grateful to have received this game as I have a particular child in this home that could use the reminders on "how to be a good winner or loser." I'm not pointing any fingers, though....

And finally, another new toy for our family, the Jam Session. A set of sturdy musical instruments with a play along cd (and bonus skill card for parents), the Jam Session came at just the right time for us, as well! I was wondering how I could use our older, "slightly" broken musical instruments from long ago to use in teaching music and music appreciation to my children. This new set (in addition to the cd) has provided me with several lessons of music class! Knowing how much Corinne enjoys music, singing and dancing, I am thrilled to see her marching around the house, leading her brother in a parade of 2. Of course, a parade shouldn't be just 2 people, so I have to join in at the end... I'm usually the castanets, lady... :)

Discovery Toys has generously offered a free Jam Session for one reader! I am so happy to be able to offer a fun, quality toy to one of you at this time of the year! Put it aside for Christmas or an upcoming birthday! Or simply surprise your little one with a fun new toy, just because you can.

To win:

~ Comment!

~ Twitter it!

~ Blog it!

~ Follow me!

~ Go to and tell me what other toy (besides the above 3) looks interesting to you!

(Lots of exclamation points, eh?)

One entry for each of the above. Just please let me know where to find your tweets or blogs, ok?

I'll pick the winner on Wednesday, October 21.

Good luck to everyone!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A winner!

The winner of our Gustafer Yellowgold toy and t-shirt is....

Congratulations! Enjoy and thanks to everyone for entering!