Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Mother Company

Have you heard of The Mother Company?

I recently received a copy of an episode of their pet project; Ruby's Studio: The Feelings Show. It's a tv show geared towards 3-6 year olds. It centers on discussing emotions and creativity without being too instructional. Corinne and I watched it together the other day and I have to say, it's very well done. "Ruby" is sweet and caring without over-doing it and the children on the show don't make me cringe like I did when watching the purple dinosaur show...

While the show is quite lovely, what I am personally enjoying the most is their site! I love when a parenting site is properly laid out. Truly, I have been known to click off of a site within 15 seconds if the layout didn't make sense to me. (Note to self: Call Cynthia and see if she can re-do blogs...)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hawk Eye Review and Contest Announcement

I have such a COOL contest to announce!

Want to win $2000 in prizes and a ride in a helicopter?!? Go to the Hawk Eye: Capture Your World Video Contest and upload a video for your chance to win!

My family was given a whole slew of products from Air Hogs to test out and my husband and I have been flying them incognito at night to get the hang of it before Christmas morning. I figured that I would be horrible at it as I am ALWAYS horrible at the flying video games, but I actually kind of figured out how to make the helicopters go up and down without smashing them into anything (now I just need to go side to side. Oy vey...) Patrick, naturally, is a pro at it and recommends them for everyone. He has more patience than I do and can't wait to start video taping with the Air Hog's Hawk Eye, the first indoor helicopter to fly and take videos or photographs at the same time. Pretty cool, eh?

One main feature of the Hawk Eye, the new video-taking helicopter that retails at about $60 (look for great deals online!) that appeals to ME is the docking system that charges the battery while downloading the video. With 3 kids (and a husband) who will all be making movies, I foresee a lot of charging in my future...

To enter the Hawk Eye Capture Your World Contest, either

a) submit a 2 minute max video from your Hawk Eye or

b) if you don’t have a hawk Eye, submit a 2 min max video that imitates the video from a Hawk Eye (they show you how to do this on the contest site)

NO voices/talking (but instrumental music is allowed)and NO showing faces or likeness (to comply with online privacy laws for children)

** Grand prize: a trip for 2 in their very own private helicopter, an awesome flip video camcorder and tons of Air Hogs swag

** Plus runner up prizes worth over $2,000!

If you want to get involved in the contest, visit the Hawk Eye site today for their complete list of rules and recommendations. Enter by Jan 2, 2011 (11:59:59 PST) to be available for your chance to win!

** I am not running this contest and cannot help you enter. I was given a selection of Air Hog product in exchange for posting about their contest. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Free iPod!!

I'll bet that caught your attention, eh?

Yes, it's true! A free iPod shuffle can be yours, thanks to Groupit.com. With a few extra dollars for songs from iTunes, you can make someone very happy this Christmas morning!

Groupit is an online site that helps you organize family and friends who want to contribute to larger gifts or to buy items together. What a great idea! I am totally thinking about this site for Justin's birthday in February as I am D.O.N.E. shopping for Christmas!

If you're interested in an iPod for a lucky loved one, then follow the directions below and Good Luck!

To be entered to win this iPod Shuffle all you need to do is use Groupit www.groupit.com/ to help you organize a group purchase this week. (No purchase necessary) After creating a Groupit, email the link to your Groupit page to - info@groupit.com with the words "Just Another Mommy Blog - Groupit" in the subject line - and you'll be entered to win. Groupit will announce the winners this Saturday 12/18 at 9am PT so be sure to start your Groupit before Saturday! Groupit will ship your iPod Shuffle to you immediately so you receive it in plenty of time in case you want to use it as a Christmas stocking stuffer or gift.

If you have any questions using Groupit, call their friendly customer support team at 1-866-830-5411 and they'll be glad to help! www.groupit.com

Good luck to everyone! This is open to my readers only and is NOT a mass giveaway. Joining Groupit was easy and worth the effort for a chance at an iPod...

Costume Review

Isn't she sweet?!? Shhh. I think I tell her that too much, sometimes.

Corinne is modeling the Heavenly Angel costume from Costume Express that we received last week. I really WAS surprised at the quality of the costume since it retails at $32.99. It is pretty well-made with comfortable material and tight stitching. The wings, dress, belt and halo are all included and absolutely thrilled my daughter.

This is her rendition of "angelic". I think we landed a little closer to "Home Alone" than "Silent Night" but I after 10 pictures that are EXACTLY like this one, she was done with the photo shoot...

Costume Express is having a 25% off sale from now until December 20 if you want to buy any last minute presents or get something cool for a pageant (they have EVERY Christmas costume you can imagine. I was pushing for the boys to get a Buddy the Elf outfit, but I received only dirty looks from them...). So check them out! I am hoping that this costume still fits by Halloween of next year! It'd be nice to have a costume that actually REFLECTS light for once...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winner of Goodnight, Little Sea Otter

I know I promised a fancy hat drawing for the book, but my camera is temperamental lately. I hope it works for Christmas!! Yikes.

In the meantime, thanks to Random.org, the winner of the children's book, Goodnight Little Sea Otter, is.....

#10 - Kelly Massman

Congrats Kelly! I'll contact you by email. Enjoy the book and thanks to everyone for entering!

I still have lots of empty spaces for the cool giveaway on the Top Trumps card game. It's fun for everyone of all ages and makes a great stocking stuffer!! PLUS, I have 5 games to give out!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pup Light

My dad's cell phone showed up on my caller id the other night. That's a pretty rare occurrence, so I frantically snatched up my phone to see what was the matter.

"Hey Trace!"

"Um, Hi, Dad. What's up? Is something wrong?!?"

crackle crackle wind in my ear

"I'm just walking Zoe (dog) and it's so bright out here."

Blink. Blink.

wind in my ear


"Yep. It's really easy to see. Even on this totally dark pathway. No problems seeing at ALL!"




Expectant pause from him.

Confused pause from me.

More wind in my ear.

And then, suddenly, clarity strikes as I realize what the hell he's alluding to:

"OH! Are you using the Pup Light?!?"

"Yep. No problem seeing! Though it's a bit bouncy because she keeps walking..."

Chuckling, I smile.

"So, Dad. Are you giving the Pup Light a good review? Positive feedback with a recommendation that the manufacturers figure out how to have the light be motion controlled?"

"Yep. Sure do. It's really easy to see out here on this dark pathway at NIGHT."

"Thanks, Dad. Have a good walk. Good night!"

"Night, Tata!"*

I was given a Pup Light to review. I don't have a dog, (much to the sorrow of my children) so my parents stepped up and tried this out. For about $19.95, I'd say it's a pretty cool idea for any pet owner or Christmas present for someone who doesn't want to walk in the dark. ;) Check them out!

*Yes. My nickname is synonymous with a crude slang for breasts. This is what happens when your baby sister is cute and can't say 'Tracey' though how she came up with "TaTa" from those consonants is beyond me...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top Trumps Giveaway

Stocking Stuffer issues?

I have the answer for everyone!

Top Trumps is an easy-to-learn and fun-to-play card game that will snugly fit into any boy or girl's (or husband's!) stocking this Christmas. At about $8 a pack, and with over 20 titles of popular themes and educational topics, they will expand your brain without thinning your wallet. My family played the Dog version at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. Everyone, from Corinne (age 5) to Patrick (age, um, much older than 5...), was able understand and enjoy the game. My kids don't know it, but they're each getting packets in their own stockings this year...

Here's today's best news! 5 lucky readers will each receive their own packet of Top Trumps! (Either the Horses and Ponies set or the Dogs set). Just follow the directions below and enter away so that you can get your packet before Christmas morning. Even better: If you don't get picked this month, don't be too sad, because I will be hosting several more Top Trumps giveaways over the coming months! Be sure to keep entering for more chances to win!!

Good luck and ENJOY!!

Ways to enter:

~ Comment!

~ Visit Top Trumps' website and tell me which set you think you'd most enjoy.

~ Follow me on Twitter.

~ Tweet this giveaway (2 tweets a day!) please link back.

~ Subscribe to my blog.

~ Post about this on your own blog and link back. (2 entries)

Good luck to everyone! We'll draw the FIVE WINNERS on Wednesday, December 15.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Organically Grown review

I can't always make the greenest choices. After all, "going green" can sometimes require spending a ton of it. So I was pleasantly surprised to review this sweet baby romper by Organically Grown and find that it's only $22. Isn't that sweet? It's super soft and my nephew will look absolutely adorable in it!

Comparable to all other name brands in price, Organically Grown can spout the benefit of only using cotton grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. This makes for a healthier environment for ALL of us. Every purchase of organic food or clothing helps to support the farmers who strive to provide us all with a safer Earth.

Organically Grown has items for the WHOLE family, including men, women and home decor! If you're looking for a Christmas present that has a low impact on Mother Earth, check them out!

You can save 15% off of your purchase if you use the code: ORGANIC WINTER.