Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monster Jam Time!

Calling all Illinois readers! I have a giveaway that families with boys (or girls who like this sort of stuff) are going to love!!

I have 4 extra tickets for the Monster Jam at the Allstate Arena at 7:30 on Friday, February 12. I know that my boys are ECSTATIC to be attending and I'll bet that yours will be, too.

Want to see the Grave Digger and Nitro Circus? (It's ok. I don't know who they are either, but your boys will.) Then follow the directions below to have a chance to win tickets for 4!

Ways to win:

~ Comment!

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Good luck to all! The winner will be chosen on Friday, Feb 5.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

SmartZip Sleeper Giveaway

Oh, how I wish that I had a child that was young enough to fit into this sleeper! I had to pass it onto my neighbor whose new baby boy got to enjoy its cozy softness. I was happy to share the benefits of my blog with them as they always pass along their outgrown clothes to Corinne!

The SmartZip Sleeper from Hello World Clothing Company is not only comfy and cute, but has the best feature on a baby's footie sleeper: a zipper that can work from either end! I had to shake my head over the simplicity of the idea and wonder at why these weren't around when Justin was a baby?!? By zipping it from the bottom, you can change their diaper without having to completely disrobe the poor kid! Love it. I am also partial to the medium thickness that this sleeper had. Most sleepers are either sheer and thin or thick and fuzzy. In my neck of the woods, our nights are more often at a comfortable but cool 60 or so (spring through fall) which means that our babies need to be covered up but don't need to be encased in layers and layers of fleece!

If you'd like to win this SmartZip Sleeper in either pink or blue, please check out the Hello World site and then comment below!!

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Good luck to you all! I'll pick the winner on Friday, February 12!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Personalize it!

I was recently sent some lovely microfiber towels to review. I even took pictures of them before we gave them to my mom for her birthday... However, somewhere along the line, my picture has gone MISSING and the towels are in my mom's kitchen. If I find it, I'll put it on here because the stitching that said "Nana's Kitchen" made the towels quite sweet for my mom's birthday. I chose to not keep them myself as the feel of microfiber on my hands has never appealed to me, but I can appreciate their ability to clean a surface and do it well. (Just look at my post on the new microfiber-head mop I'm giving away!) Of course, if towels aren't what you need right now and a new baby is puking down your back all the time, you can choose to receive a set of personalized burp cloths, instead!

Check out Jennifer Zatchey's Personalize It! shop and tell me which you'd like and how you'd personalize your own set, if you are the lucky winner of this giveaway.

For entries to win:

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I'll choose the winner on Friday, February 12. Good luck!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun Jewelry for you to win!

A new giveaway! I was contacted by Brae Howard and offered 2 sweet necklaces from her Etsy shop for a giveaway. Brae tells me that she was homeschooled as a child and her father used to make them jewelry out of Legos (I totally understand how he could be drawn into doing that. We have Legos coming out of my EARS.)

Well, Brae and her father have a lovely little Etsy shop with lots of cute jewelry made from Legos. And they have offered two pieces for you to win! Simply follow the guidelines for entries below and see if you are one of the two winners of either the candy colored Lego choker
or the pink Lego necklace!
To enter:

~ check out their site and tell me what other jewelry item interests you.

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Good luck! We'll pull the 2 lucky winners on Friday, February 5th!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

eShakti - Part deux

Remember my review of eShakti? I sure do and am loving my shirt. Wore it several times this holiday season and am planning on picking out another one with the new code I have available for you all!
Just choose $30 of products and enter the code ZaFye6 at checkout to receive $20 off your purchase!! This code is good until January 31st, so start thinking about birthday presents for loved ones or a special treat for yourself and head over to eShakti's site to see what strikes your fancy!

Happy Shopping!

Black Diamond Cleaning System giveaway

I never imagined the day would come in which all the floors in my house (ok,ok. Only on my first level) would be clean simultaneously. I never imagined I would be reflecting upon the shiny linoleum and grinning in absolute satisfaction. And yet, the day has come and I am reflecting and It. Is. Grand.

Want to make your own floors as pretty as mine are? Enter this giveaway below and you could be one of two people to win your own complete cleaning set from Black Diamond. I am most in love with the swivel head and the washable, reusable, microfiber pads that suck up EVERYTHING. I used to have a Swiffer which just ticked me off, what with the sprayer that shot across the room and then not at all and then the pads that got filthy so quickly and had to be thrown away only to be replaced with new ones that cost more than I thought was necessary. Black Diamond markets itself as Environmentally Safe and I have to agree. Look at the two reusable pads I was given:
Ew. This was halfway through the cleaning process. I am only slightly embarrassed as I've made it clear that I am not a housekeeper or germaphobe so a dirty floor doesn't scare me. But the clean floor sure is pretty! I actually thought about putting on pearls and heels for these pictures but after my vacuum cleaner died, I gave up and just stayed in my jammies. Which I am still wearing. An entire day later. What of it?
Want to win a Black Diamond Cleaning System?

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Good luck to everyone! I'll draw the winners on Friday, January 29!