Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beautiful words to every woman's ears: FREE SHOES!

Ok, remember the shoes I was talking about? No?

So cute, right? There are TONS on HotterUSA to choose from and TWO lucky readers will get to spend $110 EACH on any shoes from their website!! People, this is AWESOME! They have shoes for women and men! So if you aren't looking for something for yourself like these or these, then you could still find something cool for a man in your life.

If you are really generous like that.

(Which I, apparently, am not as my choice was all about ME! Don't judge me. They fit me really well and look adorable. Also, my husband is a shoe freak and didn't need a new pair! STOP JUDGING ME!)


If your choices exceed the $110 mark, you can use the prize $ to apply toward a larger purchase. Or, if you aren't one of the lucky 2 winners, you can still shop through HotterUSA and save 10% on your purchase price without ANY shipping and handling charges! Excellent.

Use this code: USABGA when checking out in the box that says "apply offer code" to receive your discounts.

In the meantime, enter below to be one of two people wearing some fancy new shoes this fall:

Enter by doing any or all of the following, just let me know in separate comments, please!

~ stop by HotterUSA and tell me which shoes you like.

~ Subscribe to my blog.

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~ Tweet this giveaway and link back (can do it once a day, until giveaway's over)

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My minions and I will pick the winners on October 15, so get your fingers busy!

Don't forget about the other cool giveaways I have available! Low entries on each with lots of chances to win neat stuff!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby GoGo review and Giveaway!

Baby GoGo is a company dedicated to staying gender neutral so that all children can experience playing parents without the stereotypical pink ruffles or blue collars that signify a toy as "boyish" or "girly." Even at a young age, little kids understand that the pink aisles are "for girls" and the action hero aisles are "for boys." It's nice when a toy isn't specific and allows boys to feel comfortable being just as nurturing as little girls. And an added bonus: it's packaged in recycled materials! Nice...

Corinne instantly loved her new doll and diaper bag that Baby GoGo sent us to review. It's a very sweet, cuddly doll that also closes its eyes (a definite bonus for my preschooler!).

If you'd like your little one to receive a Baby GoGo doll of their own, just enter the giveaway below! We'll pick the winner on October 8! Good luck!

~ Like Baby GoGo on Facebook and let them know you found them through Just Another Review Blog!

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Simply Bags review

What girl doesn't love pretty bags? I may not be a huge purse connoisseur, but I do love me some bags!
I was sent a personalized Beach Bag from Simply Bags to try out and review. I wasn't so sure about the ropey handles at first. I mean, I carry A LOT of stuff and it can get quite heavy. However, after a few uses going to the pool, carting dripping wet towels and random goggles, I can attest that the bag is not only comfortable, but really sturdy!

As the pool weather has officially passed in Illinois (yay! I love Fall!) this bag is now my Wednesday bag. As a homeschooling mom, I need to transport all manner of educational paraphernalia, several days a week. On Wednesdays Corinne has ballet which means I put all of the boys' schoolwork into the bag for the day and they can pick and choose what they want to do while she's flitting around in class. It works PERFECTLY, especially since it has a zipper up top, just in case it rains...

Check Simply Bags out! They plan on adding laptop bags very soon for anyone who is cooler than I am and owns a laptop...

Jolly Llama review and Giveaway!

If you're looking for a new and healthy treat for your family, I am happy to say that there is a great option to try!

Jolly Llama Sorbet Squeezeups are a frozen treat that focus on maintaining the healthy properties of the fresh fruit that they incorporate into their recipes. Quite delicious and very smooth, my kids and I truly enjoyed them. We tried the Strawberry and the Acai Berry. While we thought highly of both flavors, my children don't like seeds so their favorite was the Strawberry. I would LOVE to try the Mango, too! I know we'd all devour it! (That's Justin's "Oh my Gosh. I cannot believe these are healthy for me. I am so surprised." Look. Quite convincing, eh?)

Jolly Llama would like to sponsor a giveaway so that one of you can try out this delicious treat!

One winner will receive 3 boxes of any 3 flavors they want to try out! How cool is that?

To enter:

~ Visit Jolly Lllama's site and comment with what flavors you'd like to try. (required entry!)

~ Follow Jolly Lllama on Facebook and comment on their site that you found them through Just Another Review Blog.

~ Subscribe to my blog.

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We'll pick the winner on Friday, October 8th!

Good luck and Happy Commenting!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Yellow Man is coming to the Windy City!!

Gustafer Yellowgold is coming back to Chicago!! YAYYYY!!!

Corinne and I have been fans of their sweet and off-the-wall music since we first heard the songs about 2 years ago. After watching them at Schuba's Tavern last year, she and I were THRILLED to accept an invitation to attend another performance on this coming October 3rd! They'll be promoting the new album titled "Gustafer Yellowgold's Infinity Sock." I know, I know. It sounds a little... strange. But trust me. This is children's music that you won't mind listening to. In fact, you will actually LIKE it. It reminds me of The Beatles without all the politics and drugs.

Any Chicagoans want to meet up with us? Please let me know and we'll exchange digits...

For all of you who aren't in the Chicago area on October 3rd (or for those who are but who would like to own your own copy), Gustafer Yellowgold would still like to extend a gift for you. One reader will win a DVD/CD set of Gustafer Yellowgold's Mellow Fever. We have it and it rocks. Listen to Corinne on this clip from last year's show:

If you'd like to win, here's the details on a bunch of ways to enter:

~ Follow me on this blog on Google Friend Connect! Not REQUIRED, but man, it's a nice courtesy... (wink, wink)

~ Like Gustafer Yellowgold on Facebook and comment that you found them through Just Another Review Blog.

~ Tweet this giveaway. (Do it as often as you like, but only twice a day and please link me to each tweet.)

~ Follow me on Twitter.

~ Post about this on your own blog and link back (worth 5 entries). Please do 5 comments in case we do instead of picking out of a bowl...

~ Anything else you can think of to promote this giveaway and/or Gustafer Yellowgold? Do it and tell me. You'll get credit on whatever social media site you use.

Have fun! Link away! ENTER ENTER ENTER! It's really awesome music and I loved the comments that "Gustafer" left for me on the last review. They're good people and love to make children happy.

We'll pick a winner on Thursday, September 16.

Good luck!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I love, love LOVE my new shoes!!

Hotter is a name brand of shoes that has been popular in Great Britain and is now branching into the USA. I have to say, it took me QUITE a while to decide upon just one pair to wear.

I mean, my brain just wouldn't stop; Should I go with a new trend and try a bright color? How about a funky suede boot to fit in with everyone else? Something sporty or something practical?

Anyone that knows me knows I went with....


I can't help it! I am NOT a shoe diva. I find a pair that I like and that is what you will see me in for 90% of that season. And the next year. And the next year, too.

Sigh... Maybe this experience will prompt me into trying new accessories?

Either way, I am totally, completely satisfied with my choice. The Starshine in brown will be seen on my feet throughout the fall of 2010 and well into the winter, as well. They are SO comfortable, and look quite expensive!
Aren't they cute?!? You can look through their huge selection of shoes at