Friday, December 18, 2009

3 winners!

It was seriously PAINFUL to make this video. Watch and find out why....

ANYWAY, congrats to all the winners! I need your mailing addresses ASAP to get the items to you before the holidays!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Squeeballs Party giveaway!

Any readers with kids who love their Nintendo DS? I have a game that everyone will love, including yourself!

Squeeballs Party is a family friendly game centered around these furry, crazy little furballs that are on an island, going through rigorous testing before being released as toys to the children of the world. Countless mini-games are the "tests" that your child (or you! I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy it myself!) must complete to "level up." The poor little Squeeballs get beat up pretty badly, but do so with the best music and sound effects, that I was snorting and giggling despite myself. Overall, it's a cute game and one that I don't mind having all of my kids play.

They recently dropped the Nintendo DS version of the game from $29.99 to $19.99. If you aren't the winner of this giveaway, you can still get a good deal on a brand-new Nintendo DS game for your family!

Want to win one? Here's how!

~ Comment!

~ Follow me on Twitter.

~ Tweet about this giveaway (and link to it).

~ Subscribe to my blog.

~ Post about this giveaway on your own blog (and link to it).

Good luck! The winner will be drawn on Friday, Dec 18. Shipping is 2-day, so as soon as I get your address, it will be sent out, just in time for Christmas!

Playmobil Giveaway!

My home is completely covered from front door to back, top floor to the basement, in Legos. But in all the years of parenting for 3 kids, we had yet to have a Playmobil toy in our home! Can you believe that? I'm not sure why, because there are tons and tons of fun choices for imaginative play in the Playmobil toy line-up. They're priced reasonably and available just about everywhere. The Nautical Expedition line is right up Evan's alley with the sharks, sea animals and little figurines. I also like that each of their lines is so easy to expand upon. I forsee many more Nautical sets in my home's future! Evan is now the proud owner of the Shark Diver and your own child can be the owner of the Divers in Tropical Reef AND the Deep Sea Diving Bell!

Enter your comment for a chance to win BOTH of the sets. To enter:

~ Check out the Playmobil site and tell me about any toy you find interesting.

~ Follow me on Twitter.

~ Tweet about this giveaway (please provide the link).

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~ Post about this on your own blog (please provide the link).

My minions and I will be drawing a winner's name on Friday, December 18, sometime after I've had enough coffee to wake me up. So enter now and good luck!!

FYI, I am not 100% sure that this will arrive before Christmas but will update as soon as I hear back from the sponsor. Either way, it's a great toy to have on hand for birthdays or Just Because!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Project of the Month Club

I have a really cool gift idea for those of you looking for a last minute present or for something educational and different! The Project of the Month Club contacted me recently to review their products and services and I am definitely intrigued!

We received a set of learning to stitch materials that Corinne descended upon like a buzzard. The projects themselves are geared for ages 8 and up because of the fine motor skills required to have the needle and thread follow the correct pattern, but she managed to complete several rows before getting a little bored and frustrated. I decided that tackling the tissue box cover was a bit too much for her right now (though we already have the sides all pieced together and several rows finished) so we cut the larger pieces that were designated for a craft bag into small hearts and squares to make into Christmas ornaments for her grandparents and family!
Our samples also included a step stool for the boys (and Corinne) to build and paint, complete with instructions that I think should be fairly easy for most children to follow with little help. I can't wait to show you all what the projects turn out when we finish them!

The idea behind this site is that you can purchase a membership that will send your child a different craft project every month (or quarterly, or bi-annually. There are several programs available.) Check out what they have to offer and, if it suits a child you know, use this code until January 31, 2010 for 10% off!

Code to use at The Project of the Months Club is : "justanother"

Let me know if you find this site interesting! I'd love to see the projects that get made!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Get your thank you cards before the holdays!

A long time reader and online friend, Karen Prinz, has a perfect giveaway for everyone this holiday season! (Check out her ad on my sidebar on JAMB!) She's a professional photographer with tons of experience in not only capturing your special moments on film, but also in retouching and restoring them, so that your own photos are every bit as beautiful on paper as they were in person.

You can enter below to win 25 personalized Thank You cards! You simply send her the photo of your choice and she'll design your cards (with envelopes) to thank the ones you appreciate. I personally love having a stock full of thank you cards. You never know when it'll be prudent to express your appreciation with a few kind words.

To enter to win:

~ Visit Karen's site! I love the layout and motion of her website.

~ Follow my blog.

~ Tweet about this giveaway.

~ blog about this giveaway.

We'll pick the winner on Friday December 18!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Applesauce giveaway!

Winner picked by is....

#8 - Andria! (aren't you glad you finally entered another giveaway?) Congrats and thanks to everyone for entering!

Enter below to win a mystery gift basket from Mussellman's Applesauce just in time for the holidays! I am going to be receiving one myself, and cannot wait to see what's inside!

Please visit their site and see what's new and then come back here, tell me what looks good, and enter a comment. You can follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my blog, post a tweet or a blog entry and get an extra comment for every thing you do!! Enter away!

I'll pick the winner on Monday, December 7!

Good Luck!

Winner of the FashionPlaytes giveaway!