Thursday, March 28, 2013

McDonald's and My Family: AND a giveaway!

 That would be my "Yeaaaaah, baby! I would most definitely like a Shamrock Shake, please!" look. I mean, what's not to like? I would like to thank St. Patrick for chasing those snakes out of Ireland or whatever he did hundreds of years ago so that McDonald's could make a minty shake of goodness every spring.
 Miss Lori (SMILE!) was a brand ambassador for the McDonald's "Moms Nutrition Panel." She gathered some of the mom bloggers in Chicagoland at a local McDonald's to discuss the healthier options available for our families at this classic American institution. I happily admit that I frequent McDonald's with my family. We take advantage of their dollar menu items when we are in a rush for time without extra cash to spend, but my kids' favorite McDonald's meals (and I'm not even joking here) are the Southwest Salads... withOUT the dressing! (Well, Corinne likes a little dressing on hers...) 
 It was really nice to hear the different options available for families who are trying to treat their children without overloading them with calories, sugar or sodium. Though McDonald's is obviously not the HEALTHIEST choice in the line up of restaurants available, they are continuously moving towards a menu that is up front and helpful for us all. Not all fast food restaurants can claim to be so forward-thinking towards health, and I give McD's a lot of credit. The main difference I have noticed and am grateful for is the calorie information that you will find beside every food item on their menus. Just look up at the boards! It's all there, in black and white, so no one can claim ignorance of the crazy high calorie number on some of their items anymore. You can also find all of the nutritional information on the backside of every tray liner or on the McDonald's Website.
 Mcdonald's very generously provided me with several vouchers for 4 of their healthier options including the Premium Chicken Sandwiches, Premium Salads, Fruit Smoothies, and Fruit & Walnut Oatmeal. My kids' eyes bugged out when I brought home a salad for each of us. It was as though I had told them we were having a gourmet treat at a 5 star restaurant. :)

I just so happen to have 4 sheets of vouchers that McDonald's provided to me so that I can give them away to some of YOU! I will pick two names and each person will receive 8 vouchers total (2 free item vouchers for each of the foods listed above).

These vouchers are valid only in the Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana McDonald's restaurants. You must be 18 or older to enter.

To Enter:

~ Comment below! What is your favorite McDonald's food? (Healthy or not, I don't care!)

THAT'S IT. That's all you have to do. :) One entry per person, please, and I will pick two winners on Thursday, April 11 via

Good luck!

*Though McDonald's provided me with lunch and coupons to review their product, no monetary compensation was received and this review/giveaway is being done of my own desire. All opinions are my own.

Updated with Winner:

Congratulations to Julie and David Lobner! Enjoy!!


  1. I'd have to go with the fries!!

  2. I love the chocolate chip cookies...when they're fresh!

  3. Do beverages count? Large coffee, cream & sugan. $1.10 out the door.

    If you're really looking for food, I'm with Meghan. Cooookkkkkiiiieeeees.

  4. I heart mcds/ for healthy i like the salads. and for not healthy a bacon mcdouble washed down with a shake or choco chip frappe

  5. I go through McD's drive-thru every single day for a large Diet Coke. It's a daily pleasure/ addiction. My favorite menu items are plain biscuit, filet o' fish, fries, and the snack-size Reese's McFlurry. Maybe I would benefit from those healthy item vouchers!

  6. I like their McChicken sandwich. Oh, and their Caramel Hot Chocolate. Yummm...

  7. (Entering for Heidi Isip) Favorite is a Big Mac!

  8. I love their fries and chocolate shake

  9. I have two favorites, the Filet o Fish and the Sausage and Egg McMuffin. YUM!